Hazmat Control & Containment

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Our approach goes beyond just playing the game. Our Hazmat Interactive Learning Simulation (ILS), Hazmat Control & Containment™ is a serious game that teaches serious content. Hazmat Control & Containment™ consists of five hazmat incident scenarios that have been designed to address core hazmat problems that were identified through cognitive task analysis, expert interviews, and case studies.

Hazmat Control & Containment™ provides trainers:

  • Advanced training technology simulations for more effective, engaging training
  • An Instructional Guide that makes it easy to add Hazmat Control & Containment™ to existing classroom based courses, and enabling the most effective instruction possible.

Version 2.0 is now available for sale.

Hazmat Control & Containment™ Version 2.0 includes:

  • Improved resources
  • Updated navigation
  • An embedded eScene
  • New activities
  • And an Instructor’s Guide!

PLUS Hazmat Control & Containment™ is now:

  • SCORM Compliant
  • Can be delivered online, or through your own Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Easy to customize for any client!

Hazmat Control & Containment™ can be customized to include different chemicals, resources, and spill scenarios to ensure that the content is relevant to your learner audience. In addition, Hazmat Control & Containment™ can even be customized with your company logo and licensed for multiple users.

Contact hazmat@wisdomtools.com or call us toll free at (866) 619-3676 for more information!


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