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WisdomTools roots in educational research and instructional design go back to our inception as a spin-off of Indiana University’s Center for Excellence in Education in 1999, and our commitment to research-based methods and innovative technologies remains today. In addition to our ongoing work developing interactive training and education for corporate, government, educational, and defense organizations, WisdomTools and its subsidiaries have been awarded over $8 million in federal and state research funds to design and develop effective instructional solutions.

As one of the first companies in the world to turn our focus toward the use of augmented-reality, immersive, and context-aware technologies, WisdomTools has consistently been at the forefront of research-based instructional design, multimedia development, 3D modeling, and serious game design. All this together with our focus on effective project management and client communication makes WisdomTools a world-class developer of effective training solutions.

Instructional Design and Analysis

WisdomTools diverse team of experienced instructional designers, learning scientists, cognitive task analysts, and problem-based learning experts together have the skills and expertise to design and develop virtually any type of technology-based training course.

WisdomTools focus is not simply on design and development of innovative learning solutions, but also on designing the analyses, methodologies, and performance support frameworks that ensure learning and performance objectives are successfully met.

Cognitive task analysis focuses on mapping expert decision-making skills and pairs well with problem-based learning methodology. Problem-based learning emphasizes the use of realistic problem scenarios to encourage learners to learn in a contextualized and situation-based manner, in much the same way they would learn by real-world experience. The advantage is that through detailed analysis and careful design of problem-based learning scenarios, learners face problems that are of complexity and richness that might not be encountered in months or years of real-world experience.

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Multimedia Development

With 12 years developing simulations and games, e-learning, and augmented reality, we are well-equipped to manage a variety of multimedia development tasks for our clients.

Our experience developing animations, simulations, media treatments, and interactive learning activities allows us to offer multimedia development services for a range of project budgets. Our seasoned digital design team is composed of interface designers, modelers, interaction designers, and digital media developers that work together to ensure that every learning tool we deliver is interesting, engaging, and high impact.

Our work developing Adobe Flash-based multimedia content for Scenarios™ and eScenes™ across a wide variety of industries goes back over a decade and includes projects for education, government, and Fortune 500 corporate clients. Our work developing simulations, games, and augmented reality solutions since 1999 has given us the experience it takes to design and develop almost any multimedia asset our client might require.

3D Modeling and Animation

WisdomTools’ development and digital design teams work with commercial entertainment-game quality authoring tools to create the high quality 3D models and animations for a non-entertainment budget. Our digital media developers, graphic artists, and game developers work in concert with our learning scientists to ensure that projects are both visually impressive and instructionally sound.

Our on-site game testing and evaulation lab allows us to test early and often. Local access to a 3D motion capture studio at our host university allows us to animate characters quickly and inexpensively.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, also known as mixed reality, is a powerful combination of technologies that enables users to receive dynamically created supplemental information based on their live experience of the world using head-worn, body mounted, or vehicle displays. In essence, users are able to see visual and other types of information in the form of an overlay on their view of the real world.

Even though the non-military application of augmented reality is still in its infancy, WisdomTools has long been at the forefront of augmented reality and context-aware learning applications. Our subsidiary, Information in Place, was the first company in the world to focus on augmented reality technologies at their first appearance in the 1990s. Though our earliest work was far ahead of the technology available at the time, our long history of experience with this ever-evolving technology leaves us uniquely well-prepared to design augmented reality tools with the highly mobile hardware available today.

Project Management

WisdomTools uses a streamlined stage gate design and development process created specifically to facilitate the design of e-learning applications in a fluid environment. The stage gate process provides a conceptual and operational roadmap for moving new projects from idea to launch. As part of this process, WisdomTools divides product development into specific stages which are separated by decision gates to ensure that development does not proceed too far before designs are vetted by all partners and/or tested by the target audience. This helps to facilitate a more transparent process and ensures that our clients are involved throughout development.

The key strength of this approach is that it is bound by a common framework that goes beyond typical project management to not only address issues but to scope out areas of concern (or areas of success to build upon) and address them at a strategic level early on. Moreover, our client philosophy is built upon the concept of honoring our clients. We establish positive interpersonal relationships with our clients wherein throughout all stages of the process; we honor their central needs, ideas, and beliefs. We value a relationship of honesty, integrity, and imagination.

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