Weather Zone

The Weather Zone is an interactive online learning resource developed in conjunction with Bloomington PBS station WTIU.  Starring Dewey the water droplet, The Weather Zone is designed to introduce elementary students ages 6 to 10 to the concepts of temperature, humidity and pressure. It also demonstrates through a simple, colorful interface how these three things interact to produce the weather happening outside their windows each day!

The Weather Zone follows the adventures of Dewey as he explores the variables that influence the weather.  He explains to the students temperature, humidity, and pressure in age appropriate language and incorporates interactive demonstrations and activities that explain concepts. The Weather Zone also allows students to input their zip codes and see what the weather is outside.

Through the Weather Zone, students can explore current weather conditions as well as adjust the current data to learn how the changes might affect what they see. The Weather Zone uses zip codes to draw local weather data from NOAA’s observations and populates a window view with the current conditions. By moving temperature, humidity, and pressure sliders, students can see how these changes can cause rain, snow, clouds, or other weather events!

The Weather Zone site includes a section for Parents and Teachers showcasing extension and enrichment activities. Videos, links, readings, and experiments students can do at home or school extend The Weather Zone’s educational reach outside of the computer. The Parents and Teachers section also includes alignment to National Science Education Standards and connections to other PBS and weather-related products.

Click here to try it out!

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