A new generation has arrived at our schools and universities – the Millennials. Their most defining trait is their “technological exceptionalism.” It’s not just the gadgets – it’s the way the gadgets are fused into their lifestyles – and yet we still greet them with learning approaches their grandparents would recognize.

Fortunately, there is movement in a new direction. Educators and trainers are now focusing on teaching for understanding, not just memorization. Serious games and virtual worlds can be leveraged to engage and teach Millennial learners. Games support learning how to solve problems in complex systems because learners are encouraged to explore a subject area beyond textbook reading and lectures — and have a purpose for doing so.

WisdomTools, Inc. is committed to improving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for students in Indiana and across the nation.  Whether taking students to the Moon, Mars, or beyond, our company strives to build educational products that allow teachers and students to see, do, and explore the world in a new way. Through user-friendly content and curriculum delivery and innovative serious video game development we are working to build the scientists, engineers, and explorers of tomorrow.

Our products and services include:

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