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Simulations and games have supplemented training in various forms for decades, but in the world of e-learning, these two immersive technology platforms continue to evolve as increasingly effective and engaging instructional tools.

Simulations and games both provide learners with a unique opportunity — the ability to practice problem-solving skills and strategies in a challenging, competitive, low-stakes, and safe environment. In addition, unlike real-world practice, games and simulations enable learners to experiment and even fail, which provides the crucial opportunity to learn from mistakes in an environment with limited consequences. All of these factors contribute to enhancing learner engagement, which in turn increases knowledge retention.

WisdomTools’ team of instructional designers, learning scientists, entertainment game designers, game developers, and digital media designers work together to blend all the most effective aspects of games, simulations, and immersive learning theory into learning and performance-enhancement solutions that work.

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