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Race to Mars™


Just Launched! Take a field trip to Mars with our game AeroEngineer: Race to Mars™.  AeroEngineer challenges players to start their own shipping company and find a way to safely move materials from the Moon to Mars. Our game is designed to be used in the home or classroom and presents STEM content in a fun and educational way.  More…[/one_third]


New! Mission Control: Lunar Quest™ for iPad


A new interactive eBook for 6th-9th graders, now available on the iTunes Bookstore! Grab the Standard Edition or the special Educator Edition! As children read this fictional, space-themed story, they will find videos, ways to interact with characters, problems to solve, and interactive maps embedded in the text.  More…[/one_third]


Moon Rover™


There’s a lunar emergency! In our game AstroEngineer: Moon Rover, players must design and navigate a rover to rescue fellow astronauts stranded on the moon.  AstroEngineer teachs middle school students about the engineering design process and the characteristics of the lunar environment. Buy the game here![/one_third_last]

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