Red Planet Rally

Coming in Spring 2012!

Red Planet Rally™ represents WisdomTools’ first foray into iOS gaming. Set in the late 21st century, early explorers, companies, and researchers have established bases on the Martian surface. As these bases grow, the factions that control them turn to independent cargo runners to shuttle supplies between outposts. Players have control of a Mars Rover cargo company and build custom-designed rovers to complete contracts and build their company’s reputation. Choose your own path to complete missions by plotting your course on the game map. Be careful not to damage your cargo – resources are very precious so far from home!

Red Planet Rally™ is based off of our AstroEngineer: Moon Rover game mechanic and emphasizes similar content. In designing and testing their rovers, players experience all steps of the engineering design process as they choose from different chassis, tires, engines, and battery options. Red Planet Rally™ features a customizable rover construction scheme that offers hundreds of possible part combinations. As you complete missions, your company receives credits that can be used to purchase parts and upgrades to make your rover even better for the Martian environment.

  • Top-down, real-time driving on Mars in and around six unique and authentic locations
  • Customize rovers with hundreds of possible part combinations
  • Purchase new equipment and sell off old in the Parts Store
  • Six special powers to choose from, including jump jets, speed boosters, pulse lasers, and more!
  • 30 Achievements to unlock! Compete with friends for top mission scores

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