Defense MK666

Test Set Procedures

Client Need

NAVSEA and Crane NSWC needed to train technicians to use the MK-666 test set. The old analog version is no longer taught in training, even though more of these units are still in service than the newer, digital version. Proper training on the use of either system is inadequate. The entire procedure involves dozens of steps on multiple devices, and errors are common due to unfamiliarity with the equipment and the procedures.


We designed and developed an interactive training program that simulates the lengthy set-up and test procedures on both the analog and digital versions of the test set. The trainee first sees a video of an expert conducting the test with each of the sets. Next, the trainee learns all of the switches on the front panels and is subsequently quizzed on the names and uses of the switches. The trainee then practices the procedure, and finally, must successfully complete the procedure from start to finish without making any mistakes. Trainees are able to practice the procedure as many times as needed to master it – something that was not possible before this simulation due to prohibitive costs and unavailability of the test equipment.

AEGIS Overview: This section allows the learner to progressively zoom through the systems of the ship, drilling all the way from full ship view down to the radar room, and even into the transmitter cabinets. This gives the sailors a birds-eye view of the AEGIS radar system, and where components are located on the ship.

Readiness Simulation: This 30 minute simulation is a direct transfer from what the sailor is doing on screen and the task to be performed on the ship: Set up the cables, perform self-test, set up printer, set parameters, conduct test, analyze results.

Component Menu: Using this graphical menu, the sailor is able to move among critical components of the MK666 Test set and the AEGIS SPY-1 Radar. It is used for simulations and for quizzing trainees on the components of the system.

MK666 Digital Readout: We transferred the user interface of the digital version of the MK666 directly to the PC screen, allowing self-paced training until various tasks are mastered.

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