Defense Aegis Radar

AEGIS Spy-1 Radar Operations and Maintenance Training


Little hands-on training is provided before AEGIS radar maintenance personnel must perform complex maintenance tasks on the microwave tube components. Parts are too expensive to procure for training and it is difficult to reserve time with the equipment. Moreover, it may be several months after training that the technicians will actually perform a particular procedure learned in the classroom. It is also a potentially dangerous procedure for novice technicians.


We designed and developed a comprehensive series of interactive training modules for CD-ROM and web deployment. This media rich interactive courseware uses video, 3D models, and simulations to teach theory of operations, remove and replace procedures, parts, signal flow, and more.

The training begins with an introductory overview of the location of the SPY-1 and its components on the ship, and progresses through advanced remove and replace procedures. There is an internet link that enables real-time updates of content and notifies end users of recent changes in procedures.

AEGIS Overview: This section allows the learner to progressively zoom through the systems of the ship, drilling all the way from full ship view down to the radar r.oom, and even into the transmitter cabinets. This gives the sailors a birds-eye view of the AEGIS radar system, and where components are located on the ship.

Building a Crossed Field Amplifier. As a module in Theory of Operations, learners are able to build several tubes from the shell up. Trainees must place the correct components in the correct spots in correct order. CAD Models by Scott Routen, ArtiFex.

Switch Tube Mini-Simulation. This “mini-simulation” was developed to show sailors how the 11-point switch works. Tubes were being returned prematurely, before they were bad. By using the 11 point switch and keeping the oscilloscope between 11.3 and 12.5 volts, they are able to extend the life of the tube before returning it. CAD Models by Scott Routen, ArtiFex.

Remove/Replace Procedures. Expert maintainers talked us through the step-by-step remove/replace procedures, and captured it on digital video. The video is random-access allowing sailors to go directly to the task at hand.

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