NASA Ignite!

Client: Indiana Association of United Ways, Inc.Indiana Afterschool NetworkIndiana Department of Education
Funder: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA Ignite!™ is Indiana’s plan for bringing quality, hands-on NASA activities and professional development to formal and informal education. NASA Ignite!™ is the result of a dynamic partnership between public and private entities, and is committed to delivering quality NASA Summer of Innovation programming to middle school students in the state of Indiana. 

Awarded in 2011, NASA Ignite!™ is a four-year NASA-funded project to provide students in grades 4-9 with engaging and innovative activities that teach STEM content and build problem solving skills.  Through hands-on NASA activities, space-themed video games, and positive STEM mentors and role models, we work hard to inspire a new generation of scientists, inventors, explorers, and engineers.

NASA Ignite! provides not only student activities, but also a full suite of support materials and training for formal and informal educators.  Through a library of print materials, virtual workshops, and face-to-face trainings, we strive to ensure that every NASA Ignite! educator is comfortable with the materials and confident in the classroom.

NASA Ignite! is made possible through a NASA Summer of Innovation Cooperative Agreement Notice with Indiana Afterschool Network and in partnership with Indiana Departmen

t of Education, the Indiana Mentoring Partnership, WisdomTools, Inc., and other regional and statewide collaborators.

If you want to become part of Ignite! it’s not too late to start! Contact us at and let us help you improve your afterschool programs.

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