Mission Control: Lunar Quest for iPad

Lunar Quest is now available on the iTunes Bookstore! 

Get a copy of the Standard Edition or the special Educator Edition

A Message from Mission Control

Ready for Mission Lunar Quest? Welcome to the year 2063! Space exploration is highly advanced and humans have begun to build bases on the Moon. Everything was going smoothly on our new Moon colonies until today–Now, we need your help! We’ve assigned R-kyve, a service robot, to guide you through your mission. He’ll help you talk to other astronauts about their jobs, navigate the Moon, and build a moon rover! Good luck, we’re depending on you!

When you buy Lunar Quest, you also get a free copy of our game, AstroEngineer: Moon Rover! Download your free copy here after purchasing the iBook.

Making Reading Interactive

Lunar Quest isn’t just any book; it’s an interactive iBook for the iPad. iBooks are incredible new learning tools that change the experience of reading from passive to interactive. By touching and tapping, readers can play short movies, find supplemental materials, interact with characters, and solve problems all while reading a book!

 Lunar Quest takes full advantage of interactive iBook features. This fictional story will take readers to a world of space careers, moon locales, engineering design and NASA space exploration history. As they move through the story, readers help a diverse cast of characters perform their jobs, navigate a lunar map by touch, build their own moon rover, and more! ….You didn’t think we were going to tell you everything, did you?

For Parents and Educators

Lunar Quest can be used in the classroom, at home, or on the go. This interactive reading experience exposes students to STEM content in an accessible and engaging format that will grab the readers’ attention and spark their imaginations. As part of our Mission Control Series, this iBook is aligned with rigorous national standards so you can be sure that your children or students are having a positive, educational experience while they’re on the iPad. Educators who register the game are provided access to support materials, teacher and parent guides, lesson plans, enrichment activities, and quizzes.

 How Can I Get My Hands on Lunar Quest?

Lunar Quest is available on the iTunes Bookstore in either the Standard Edition or the special Educator Edition.

Instruction about how to download your free AstroEngineer game will be at the end of the iBook!

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