InSight Rehab

Rehabilitation after a stroke or traumatic brain injury is a difficult and often slow and tedious process. Imagine being able to use a motion tracking video game to make the process more accessible, more interesting, and more motivating.

That’s what InSightRehab™ does for patients. It allows them to work on their therapeutic goals in their own home, on their own time, and at their own pace. It also helps them understand the process of how damaged neurological connections between the brain, nerves and muscles can be regenerated. With InSightRehab™ patients can not only visualize what’s happening—that is, they can see if they are performing the exercises correctly and where they are relative to their therapeutic goals—but they can also understand what’s happening “behind the scenes” before significant progress can be seen or felt. With InSightRehab™, a patient can see visual representations of the nerve connections growing with each attempt, helping to motivate them even when progress seems slow or stalled.

InSightRehab™ is not a substitute for the rehabilitation team. Rather, it supplements and supports the work of the team, thus providing additional opportunities for patients to work toward their rehabilitation goals. With InSightRehab™, a patient can not only visualize and track progress, but the medical team can also remotely view and monitor her progress, revising the therapeutic program if needed.

WisdomTools is partnering with Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor in the design and development of InSightRehab™. InSightRehab™ is based on Dr. Bolte-Taylor’s “inside-out” approach as described in her bestselling book, My Stroke of Insight (Penquin Group USA, 2008).

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