Green Construction Safety 101


Safe or Sorry?

WisdomTools’ Worker Health & Safety training solutions can be the difference between safe and sorry. By working with leading industry experts and with the support of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Worker Education and Training Program, WisdomTools produces advanced training technologies that teach more effectively. WisdomTools partnered with health and safety experts and the NIEHS Worker Education and Training Program to create a new awareness-level health and safety training solution that is geared specifically toward the new and growing “green” construction industry; Green Construction Safety 101. This highly customizable online training course is suitable for both individual self-study and facilitated classroom instruction.


Keeping Workers Safe Through Immersive Learning

WisdomTools has been working in partnership with the NIEHS Worker Education and Training Program since 2006 to research and develop affordable immersive learning solutions that help keep workers safe on the job.

Our products are all designed to provide safety trainers with engaging, effective tools to supplement their classes, within formats that are flexible and affordable enough to be used by the smallest contractor or by even individual learners as self-study tools. Green construction is one of the fastest-growing job sectors today, and it’s not hard to guess why. Demand for renewable energy has been increasing rapidly due to the wide availability of federal funding, mandated increases in the percentage of electricity produced via renewable sources are popping up all over the country, and consumers continue to seek out new means of reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint.

These factors are leading to a massive influx of novice workers in the green construction industry, and the need for highly effective, innovative, and affordable training for these workers has never been greater.

Green Construction Safety 101 is the answer. Each module starts off with a multimedia case study (in WisdomTools’ jargon, an eScene™) that both engages learners and gives them a starting point for understanding what hazards might impact them on the job. After the eScene, learners are guided through job-specific hazards they might encounter and provided with plenty of images, definitions, and diagrams to aid their understanding. Each module is rounded out with Spot-the-Hazard and knowledge check activities so that upon completion, learners and trainers can see for themselves how much has been learned.


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