Green Construction CoP

Green Construction Community of Practice (CoP) is WisdomTools latest project in the worker health and safety area. With the support of the National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety (NIEHS) Worker Education and Training Program, WisdomTools created Green Construction CoP, a story-based learning course designed to increase worker awareness of the health hazards and exposure mitigation strategies associated with respirable crystalline silica, one of the most common hazards found on construction and demolition job sites.

Green Construction CoP is built on the Scenarios™ platform, and the course title is Green Dreams  Nightmares: Crystalline Silica and the Worksite. It follows the story of several workers on site for a new green building that utilizes all the latest in green building technology, and brings to light many of the common misconceptions about the safety of both green and traditional construction materials, including wall board, spackling, bricks, tile, and even dirt.

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