Games for health are no longer about only exercise and health education. They are about health behavior change, health self-efficacy, and health self-management. By combining personal health information and online tools to support self-management and self-care, WisdomTools’ Games4Health enable people to improve their health step by step.

Our games are designed for impact. We help people identify personal health risks or concerns and then learn—and be able to test in-game—strategies for limiting those risks. We help people cultivate the motivation they need to make the choices and pursue the activities that will help them reach their health goals. And we provide them with the online tools they need to support the health goals they choose.

Our game environments capitalize on the best in customized learning, compelling storylines, and motivating game mechanics as they create in-game experiences tailored to individuals’ health issues, risks, and choices.

Our goal goes beyond health education. Our goal is to empower people to achieve their health goals.

Current products in production include:

Paper Kingdom
InSight Rehab

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