WisdomTools eScenes™ are customized learning and communication tools that can complement Scenarios™ or stand alone.  

Each eScene™ is 2-6 minutes long and is similar to a Scenario™ in much the same way that a trailer is similar to a movie. eScenes™ still feature realistic characters, dialog, and follow the story-based learning approach. However, whereas Scenarios™ are suitable for up to several hours of instruction and are primarily text-based, eScenes™ are short, illustrated vignettes with voiceover, and they are usually designed with only one learning point or message in mind.

eScenes™ are designed to provide information or motivate interest quickly, and they make an excellent introduction to a group discussion activity. eScenes can include  online discussion forums, in-depth resources, or any other electronic asset, accessible at the click of a button.

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