Often when people think of e-learning, it brings to mind images of presentation-style page turners with lots of bullet points, pictures, and clip art. At WisdomTools, we have developed WT Authoring Studio™, a propriety course-authoring tool that we use to create cost-effective, flexible, and effective e-learning courseware that can be as simple and traditional or as complex and cutting edge as our clients desire.

The advantages of e-learning have become plain over the last two decades. The ease of use, always-on accessibility, lack of need for scheduling, and cost effectiveness often make e-learning a solution to many problems commonly associated with classroom based training. However, many e-learning modules available today serve as nothing more than online delivery mechanisms that test learners’ ability to accomplish basic recall. WT Authoring Studio™ includes a suite of advanced collaboration and embedded technology tools that make the creation of innovative blended e-learning solutions fast and easy.

WT Authoring Studio™ includes tools that allow us to create not only our tried-and-true story-based learning solutions Scenarios™ and eScenes™, but also traditional e-courseware or blended solutions with video, audio, Flash media, simulations, embedded games, and any combination thereof.

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